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3 Moon Independent Publishing is a progressive, author-friendly publishing house founded in 2019. We offer editing, transcription and audio book recording services and are passionate about making your work accessible. We publish a quarter literary magazine in January, April, July and October. June 2019 was our very first release of a special issue. October 2019 was our inaugural issue.

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**We are taking a break from submissions - submissions will reopen soon**

Applications for the editorial team are now closed

Submissions are open the 15th - 30th of every month

Issues are released at the end of January, April, July, and October

by submitting you acknowledge you have read and agree to abide everything presented in the Submission INformation section


  • Submitting grants 3 Moon Independent Publishing First Serial Rights, along with non-exclusive Electronic Archival Rights, to showcase your work indefinitely on our site. Additionally, by submitting work you agree to having your piece turned into an audio recording for accessibility purposes. The audio recording may be included in our podcast, however, you will receive full credit for the work and your contact information will be provided to listeners. If you do not agree with this, please do not submit. 

  • After publication in our magazine all rights revert back to you.

  • If you re-publish your work elsewhere, please credit 3 Moon Independent Publishing as the original publisher of the work.

  • At this time, we are not able to pay contributors, but we also do not charge for submissions. We have a ko-fi account and appreciate donations so that print copies of the magazine can be possible.


3 Moon Independent Publishing is committed to justice, inclusion and accessibility. While we want you to be able to explore your dark or traumatizing experiences in your work, we will not tolerate hatred or problematic content of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to the following:​

  • homophobia

  • transphobia - including dead naming and use of incorrect pronouns

  • biphobia

  • xenophobia

  • ableism

  • anti-science or anti-vaccination themes

  • racism

  • misogyny

  • body shaming

  • ageism

  • cultural appropriation

  • antisemitism

  • anti-immigrant or anti-refugee sentiments

  • stigmatizing addiction or mental illness

  • any content that espouses violence against others of any kind

*We expect you to use content warnings when you feel the subject matter of your work may be triggering to others.*


  • Submit 1-5 poems at a time, 10-12pt font in either Times New Roman or Garamond. Submit your poems in a single .docx or .doc file. 

  • Submit 1-5 pieces of art or photography as a .pdf, .png, .jpg file. If it is not black and white, it will appear that way in print, but will be added to the website in all its glory. If you have blackout poetry or other pieces of visual poetry you can submit them this way as well. You can zip your files and then send them if this is necessary.

  • Submit 1 piece of music, spoken word and/or original compositions as .mp3 or .wav

  • Submit 1 short story, essay or brief memoir at a time. Formatting and file extensions as above in poetry section. At this time, these must not exceed 3000 words as we will simply not have time to read them. Exceptions will be made if an explanation is provided in your submission email.

  • Your email subject line must include: 

    • Your name​

    • Type of piece ie) "Poem", "Original Composition", etc.

    • Title of Your Piece(s)

    • the word SUBMISSION

  • Please include a brief  third person bio in your email to us. We would love to know about other places your work has appeared or your social media handles if you like.


  • Submissions open on the 15th and close on the 30th of every month. In the case of February, they close the last day of the month. Work submitted outside of this period will not be read. Please wait for our reply. We will get back to you. You patience is appreciated. Please submit once only and await a response prior to submitting again.

  • We welcome simultaneous submissions but let us know as soon as possible if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

  • At this time we accept work written in English. We strive for inclusion and are seeking translators to help us in that mission.

  • We are seeking previously unpublished, original work. We accept poetry, prose, essays, short memoirs, (grief memoirs in particular,) short stories that fit the horror/sci-fi/spec fic theme, music, art, photography, and spoken word


We want deeply personal work. We want you to explore the things that are typically taboo. We want stream of consciousness prose. We want your unfiltered thoughts. We want you to unleash your traumas and explore your desires. But please don't rhyme.

We love horror, speculative fiction and sci-fi.
Be genuine. Give us passion and honesty.
Essays do not require a specific format, but citations are required where applicable.

We prefer memoirs that cover a specific time/situation in one's life.
We love black and white photography. We love high saturation. We love glitchy edits and layering. We prefer work that explores themes like death, fragility, power, stigma, etc.
We love all art so just go ahead and submit your best.
We love all kinds of music. We prefer beats and instrumentals, but have a love for any and all genres.


Texts I Never Sent is a forthcoming journal featuring the texts you chose not to send. Submissions can be sent following the guidelines below.


We release a submission based literary magazine quarterly. Volume 1 Issue 3 is now out. 


Unceded territory of the Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc // BC, Canada

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