The Duality of Mother

by Rami Obeid

There are Valiums in the air,
When I walk into my mother’s apartment
They are hung up by the streamers that was supposed to go towards my eighth birthday
Thirteen years ago

They never really got taken down
Like my mother
They always stayed up way high in the ceiling
Even when they became strung out and dry

I hope that everything is okay with you now
I miss you Mama
I think about you everyday
I don’t know if leaving me was the best choice
But it was yours
And I always want the best for you

It’s funny how the roles reversed on that awful day
You know what I’m talking about

Isn’t it?

Rami Obeid is a poet from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a poetry contributor to Versification Zine. He can be found on twitter @obeid_ro.