Letter from the 3 Moon Team

Dear Reader,


With the sudden appearance of pumpkin-flavored goods in your local grocery store, we know it’s hard to ignore, but we must reiterate: it’s officially autumn. 


Leaves are falling, the weather is (supposed to be) getting colder, and we are nearing the time where everyone grabs their blankies and hunkers down for the last few months of the year. In other words, the world is turning and things are changing.  


3 Moon Magazine is also undergoing a season of transition. Most notably, 3 Moon has added six, brand-new, shiny people to the masthead. That would be us: Kit, Efren, Frankie, Hannah, Harini, and Meagan. 


In early September, we all met for the first time via Zoom with Justene, the founding editor of 3 Moon. We were mostly strangers, all with different backgrounds and experiences, but all with the same goals in mind: to keep publishing stellar issues of 3 Moon Magazine, and to maintain this beloved publication for seasons to come.


So as we humbly welcome you to Issue Five: The First Last Issue. With this title, we are saying a few things at the same time. Welcome to our first issue together as a new team. Welcome to the last issue under Justene’s incredible influence and leadership. And, welcome to another issue filled with a lovely selection of prose, poetry, and artwork from writers and artists across time zones, across all walks of life.

Even as the world undergoes its seasonal turns and holds on through the chaos, we thank you so much for reading. We hope you enjoy and look forward to the many more fun issues to come! 




The Breakfast Club, i.e. 


Kit, Editor in Chief 

Efren, Poetry Editor

Frankie, Prose Editor 

Hannah, Managing Editor 

Harini, Design

Meagan, Social Media Coordinator